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2 Reviews

Reviews : Shimla Spice

Shimla Spice

Reviews for Shimla Spice of Keighley

"Shimla Spice" of Keighley has a total of 2 reviews with an average score of 5

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Review by jemma bailey


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22nd, Jan 2010

Shimla Spice

This restaurant is a very popular restaurant, serving the finest cooked award-winning asian food, in a perfect newly refurbished settings. Awarded "BEST RESTAURANT IN KEIGHLEY" 2008 AND 2009 BY THE KEIGHLEY NEWS.

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Review by bogthorn


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10th, Jan 2010

Shimla Spice

As being a food critic for several newspaper over the last 25 years, and coming from Sheffield, we had heard from a friend who works in a curry guide team, that we had to sample this curry house.

We booked a table early today afternoon, as we had read that the venue was very popular and it would be impossible to get a table if we did'nt book.

Arriving about 6:45, there were a total of 57 people already seated(very busy early on taking the weather into considerration: very heavy snow) and there was about 7 people waiting for takeaways, we also reconised that there were about 5 people deliving food and were constantly take 4/5 bags with them.This Restaurant was like a magnet(dragging people through the door)

Well 1st impression: a very simple decorated restaurant,with a lively mix crowd of famlies and couples.

Food: (Starters)We ordered a mix of 4 diffrent startes, which were phenomenally cooked, not overcooked or not unde cooked just brillaint.

(Main Course) a 4 dishes we had, all had individual tastes, well selected ingrediant and herbs and spices

(Sundries) lemon rice: brilliant Galic nan: too big for me(got a bit cold) Tandoori Roti(nice and crispy)

Service: Was splendid, the young Manger Faisal made sure that everything was perfect for us. He made such we got everything and that we was well settled in and our waiter called Arif made sure that we had enough of everything, water, sauces and food. The sevice here is like a michlin starred restaurant.

Atmosphere: not too noisy, seemed to have a nice ambiance and a livly feeling. As being a food critic for over 25 years and have dined a some of the top restaurant around the country, I have experianced that Shimla Spice is a very good restaurant serving brilliant food with definatley a michlin starred service. The only downfall that me and my friend found were that the restaurant needs more windows and the windows to be alot lower, so people can see how busy the place is, because you can not see most of the restaurant from outdside.

It still makes me wonder, that for a small 80 cover resaurant how does it cope with that many deliveries,takeaways and a restaurant that got full nearly about 5 times whilst we were there If (bring your own alchol) restaurant were allowed to get nominated for a michlin star, this restaurant would definatley be in there.

Shimla Spice is based on 14 South Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire telephone: 01535 602040 and menus and more information about the restaurant can be found on

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